The anticipated ‘SKAM Austin’ launches on Facebook Watch

Check out the first episodes of one of the most hyped shows of 2018

One of the most hyped shows of 2018, SKAM Austin has now launched on the platform Facebook Watch. Check out the first episodes below.

Last year, the Norwegian teen drama SKAM became a word-of-mouth hit all over the world. At the end of 2017 Tumblr Fandometrics named it the most talked-about show of the year, above leading hit shows such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Once again taking place in real-time, the new English-speaking series in the franchise has launched on the new app Facebook Watch – revealing new ‘daily drops’ of episodes at 3:40pm CST each day. See first two below and visit here for the latest episodes. The upcoming episodes are likely to differ dramatically in length.

All of the characters have been posting on Instagram for the last year to help create a backstory. Check out all of their accounts here.

The show’s title is Norwegian for ‘shame’. The original series explored bipolar disorder, cultural identity, coming out and shaming – and its confrontational spirit won’t change for the American version. “SKAM is about standing up to shame,” the press release reads. “It is about owning and being yourself, even when you aren’t mainstream and ‘accepted.’”

Co-creator Julie Andem added: “It will be a challenge to try to make it in a different culture, in a different language, to a much larger and diverse audience, but I promise that I will put all of my effort and heart in to it… Let’s show teens everywhere that they are not alone.”