Apple TV+ has cancelled Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s ‘Mr Corman’ after one season

The final episode aired yesterday (October 1)

Apple TV+ has not picked up the second season of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s comedy-drama Mr Corman.

The show, created, written, directed, executive produced and starring Gordon-Levitt, premiered at the start of August and the last of the nine episodes aired yesterday (October 1).

Gordon-Levitt starred as the titular Mr Corman, a fifth-grade teacher who ponders the bigger questions to life and struggles with his own emotions while keeping his San Fernando Valley elementary school class afloat. A former aspiring-musician, he works through anxiety and loneliness in each episode.


As reported by Deadline, this is only the second program cancelled by Apple TV+, following on from their decision not to move forward with a second series of Little Voice.

Speaking about cancelation, Gordon-Levitt said: “So, Mr. Corman won’t be coming back for season 2. It’s meant so, so much to me to hear from you all who connected with the show — those who felt good, felt sad, felt challenged, felt seen, felt small and meaningless, or felt big, warm, and delicious.”

The NME review of the show said: “Mr Corman is the type of show that some people will despise. It boasts a bold – some would say self-indulgent – freedom that shows not helmed by a major Hollywood movie star do not: characters break out into song in one episode, for only a few minutes; a handful of scenes are a mixture of real footage and rotoscope animation; and, to put it bluntly, the show is about a guy who’s actually pretty annoying most of the time.

“Mr Corman is a remarkably ambitious achievement that doesn’t always stick the landing but provides the audience with a wildly unpredictable spectacle while it’s in the air,” the review continues. “It certainly isn’t a comedy, as it claims to be, but as a drama it’s unique.”


However it seems that Gordon-Levitt is still involved with Apple TV+. He is executive producing and voicing a lead character in their new animated children’s series Wolfboy and the Everything Factory, which dropped all 10 episodes of its first season September 24.

The show follows Wolfboy, voiced by Kassian Akhtar, an imaginative oddball who discovers a strange realm at the centre of the Earth where fantastical Sprytes create clouds, trees, rabbits, dreams, hiccups, memories and time. Wolfboy comes to realise that being different is what makes him special.