‘The Apprentice’ criticised for showing ‘objectification’ of male models

One viewer said she 'retched' after watching the scenes in question.

The Apprentice was criticised by viewers on social media last night after airing scenes in which a group of male models were “objectified”.

Contestant Elizabeth McKenna was seen taking a male model’s inside leg measurement as he auditioned for a role in an advert her team was creating. During his casting, the male model also lifted up his top for McKenna.

The BBC One show shared some stills and a clip from the scenes on Twitter.


“Actually pretty uncomfortable with Elizabeth touching the male model like that,” one viewer tweeted after the scenes aired.

“Objectification of male models there on @bbcapprentice – uncomfortable viewing. Would you have shown the men leering over female models?” another posted.

The show was also accused of perpetuating double standards. A viewer tweeted: “If those models were women with men pawing over them there would be uproar about sexism but it’s fine for them to do that to the guys with the ‘all work no pleasure’ comment not meaning to be prude but sour taste.”

Check out a selection of tweets about the scenes below.




The BBC show has yet to respond to the criticism. It continues next Wednesday (December 13) on BBC One.

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