Are the full ‘Frasier’ cast gearing up for a reunion series?

Kelsey Grammer previously said that he was in talks to reboot the sitcom

Frasier’s Kelsey Grammer has expressed his hopes at getting the show’s full cast to return for its reboot, revealing that “they seem to” be on board.

The popular US sitcom – a spin-off to Cheers – ran for 11 seasons from 1993 to 2004. The series’ final episode saw the titular character, played by Grammer, announcing his move to San Francisco but ending up in Chicago.

After recently saying that a “group of writers” are in discussions to revive the show, Grammer has now elaborated on what fans could expect from a new season.


John Mahoney with the cast of Frasier

During an interview with Metro, in which the actor confirmed that new plot ideas are being pitched, the actor spoke about getting the original characters back together. “I’d want everybody back,” he told the publication.

Discussing the death of John Mahoney, who portrayed Frasier Crane’s father Martin, Grammer said: “We would need to deal with that within the storytelling, but I’d want everybody back, if they want to come back.”

He added that the group “seem to” be up for returning.

Kelsey Grammer – Credit: Michael Tullberg / Getty

Elsewhere in the chat, Grammer said that he “always thought of Frasier carrying on in some world” after the show concluded.


“Whether he’s got six children and a wife in the islands somewhere, he needs to come back to probably resolve things with his son Frederick, which mirrors the show in the first place,” he explained.

Frasier starred David Hyde as Niles Crane, Jane Leaves as Martin’s assistant Daphne Moon, and Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle, Frasier’s radio producer.

Last year, Grammer said that rumours about a potential revival of the show were “a little premature.” Back in 2016, he had denied he would return to the role, saying: “I look back at the past as a very fond place and I’d like to keep it that way.”