Arnold Schwarzenegger releases poster for mystery ‘Zeus’ project

The actor might be teasing a Super Bowl commercial

Arnold Schwarzenegger has released a poster teasing a project called Zeus, prompting speculation over what it actually is.

In the poster shared on Instagram on Thursday (January 27), Schwarzenegger is seen dressed as the Greek thunder God. The photo is captioned: “Coming February 2022.”

His son, Joseph Baena, jokingly commented: “Oh god of the sky, please bless my pump today.”


The actor isn’t listed to appear in a project titled Zeus on IMDB, with his only film appearance scheduled for 2022 being Kung Fury 2 alongside David Sandberg, Michael Fassbender and Alexandra Shipp.

As speculated by Men’s Health, it’s likely Schwarzenegger is teasing a commercial for the Super Bowl, which is set to take place on February 13.

He’s previously appeared in advertisements at the Super Bowl, including a commercial in 2014 for Bud Light and Mobile Strike in 2017.

Schwarzenegger is set to star in Triplets, a sequel to 1988 comedy film Twins. Tracy Morgan will play the third brother alongside Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.


The actor will also reprise his role of Conan the Barbarian in upcoming film The Legend Of Conan, which is described as a direct sequel of the original 1982 film.

He was recently one of the only celebrities, alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, to make an appearance at the Golden Globes 2022 ceremony amid controversy around the HFPA organisers.