It looks like this could be the end of ‘Arrested Development’

The latest season has divided viewers

Arrested Development is likely to end after season five according to David Cross, the actor who plays Tobias Fünke in the show.

The show returned for its fifth season earlier this year on new home Netflix. However, the show’s return was marred in controversy after Jessica Walter who plays Lucile Bluth in the show accused her co-star Jeffrey Tambor (George Bluth Snr) of “verbally harassing” her.

Tambor was also accused of sexual harassment that resulted in him being dropped from Amazon’s Transparent. The actor  – who portrayed transgender parent Maura in Transparent – was accused of “implied inappropriate behaviour” by former assistant Van Barnes last November. He was also accused of repeatedly making sexual propositions on set by actress Trace Lysett. Tambor has denied all wrongdoing.


Now, speaking on the Late Night Show with Seth Meyers, Cross has said that he believes the second half of the current series will be its last.

Cross said: “I’ve learned to say ‘Never say never,’ but I can’t see it happening again, I think for a number of reasons.”
There was also unhappiness among fans when it was announced that Season 4 was being remixed into a 22-episode format. 

Cross added that “there are still eight episodes left to air” of the second half of season 5 and that no decision was as yet final. Earlier this year, it was announced that the final season would be shown in two halves.

The second half of the season is due to air in 2019.