‘Arthur’ finale: fans mourn end of classic show after 25 years

"why this arthur finale got me tearing up??"

The final episode of Arthur aired yesterday, and fans have taken to social media to mourn the end of the classic show after 25 years.

The beloved PBS series ended by showing a flash-forward featuring adult versions of the show’s characters across four new episodes.

While the main series is coming to an end, PBS is planning new related content over 2022 and beyond, including “a podcast, video shorts that tackle timely and compelling topics, and digital games”. All 25 seasons of the flagship show will remain available on PBS Kids.


One person with an Arthur tattoo took to social media ahead of the final episodes. “I don’t know if my love for Arthur is obvious or not, but I’m here to see the end of one of the most important shows in my life,” they wrote.

“Thank you Arthur for being a huge influence in my art and my childhood,” another person wrote. “I’m grateful I got to grow up with this wonderful series.”

Take a look at some more reactions to the end of the show here:


Based on the Arthur Adventure book series by Marc Brown, Arthur is the longest-running children’s animated series on television, and the second longest-running animated series in history behind The Simpsons. A new book is set to be released on January 25 titled Believe In Yourself: What We Learned From Arthur.

“It’s amazing that what began as a simple bedtime story for my son eventually evolved into over a hundred books and a collaboration with GBH and PBS Kids that would last 25 years,” said Brown.

“Now more than ever the last line of my first book Arthur’s Nose rings true – ‘There is a lot more to Arthur than his nose.’”

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