Artist behind ‘The Walking Dead’ comics says he is “done” with zombies after graphic novel collection comes to sudden end

New spin-off TV series was also recently unveiled

The artist behind The Walking Dead comic series has said he is “done” with drawing zombies after it recently came to a sudden end.

Fans were left shocked when the cult graphic novel series, which is also a popular AMC TV series, reached its unannounced conclusion last month.

Charlie Adlard who spent 15 years illustrating the black-and-white monthly, said it had been “four years in the planning” after he and writer Robert Kirkman decided they “really needed an end point”.


“A lot of people think that we just thought about this a couple of months before, but no, this was something that was planned for a very, very long time,” he told BBC News.

Adlard said it was “brilliant” to no longer have a monthly deadline looming over him and he was highly unlikely to return to the format.

“I know ‘never say never again’, but I don’t think I’ll ever do a regular series again. I’d rather now, for the rest of my career, work on smaller projects,” he added.

He recently said Marvel and DC have made approaches to him, but he said drawing established superheroes wasn’t his thing.

The Walking Dead comic was first published in 2004, and it ran for 193 issues. Adlard joined the comic from issue seven.


Meanwhile, the trailer for the next spin-off TV series of The Walking Dead was recently shared.

The new offering is currently untitled, but marks the third series in The Walking Dead universe. It focuses on two young female protagonists, who have grown up within the age of the apocalypse.