Australian network accidentally broadcasts Satanic ritual during news segment

The awkward moment didn't faze the anchor, however

An Australian network has accidentally broadcast a clip of a Satanic ritual during a news report.

ABC had been airing a segment on a new law that proposes prison for those who hurt police animals, and had been showing footage of police minister Mark Ryan and two other men live on the channel.

However, the segment was briefly interrupted by a clip of a Satanic ritual, with a man in a black robe declaring: “Hail, Satan”.


The network then cut back to presenter Yvonne Yong, who carried on professionally with the news despite the technical hiccup.

She later clarified on social media that it was not a prank, tweeting: “We were running another story with that footage that evening.”

The footage itself appears to be from a Noosa Temple of Satan live stream from last year, having made headlines in Australia recently for pushing the government to allow Satanists to teach religious classes in schools.

Meanwhile, back in 2019, Cardi B received an unlikely endorsement from the Church of Satan after she tweeted “the dick is the devil”. The Church’s official Twitter replied: “confirmed”.


The Church of Satan later elaborated: “Satanism is a religion that recognises and embraces humanity’s carnal nature, so dicks, pussies, boobs, asses, etc. are often held in high regard. We see Satan as a metaphor for best selves, so speaking in that context, sure.”

The Church – which is separate from the Satanic Temple – was also in the news at the time after they congratulated Christian Bale for his Golden Globes win for playing US Vice President Dick Cheney in Vice.

The actor previously drew attention to the institution after he thanked Satan for “giving me inspiration on how to play” Cheney.