‘Bad Education’ set to return for 10th anniversary special and spin-off

Jack Whitehall's Alfie Wickers returns for the special, before a whole new cast arrives at Abbey Grove

Bad Education will return to TV screens a decade after the show first aired, with a full spin-off series featuring a new cast to follow.

Created and co-written by Jack Whitehall, who also starred in the show as Alfie Wickers, the acclaimed BBC Three sitcom followed the adventures of “the worst teacher ever to grace the British education system” and an accompanying group of unruly students.

Bad Education ran for three series between 2012 and 2014, before returning for a movie in 2019. While the 10th anniversary special will feature Wickers and the original gang returning for a raucous careers day, a forthcoming spin-off series will showcase a whole new set of characters.


In the former, Layton Williams reprises their role as Stephen, while Charlie Wernham is back as dad-to-be Mitchell, who must struggle to navigate the influence of Wickers and a strict new headmaster when they find themselves returning to Abbey Grove as teachers.


“I’m so pumped for a 10-year anniversary special of Bad Education, the show that launched my career,” Whitehall said of the show’s return (via Metro).

“I have such fond memories and it will be great for the fans to check in and find out what class K have been up to since they left and if Alfie Wickers is still as much of a melt as they remember.”


Whitehall also praised Layton Williams as a “superstar” and Charlie Wernham as “his generation’s Danny Dyer but with less royal heritage,” adding: “The new series is so exciting.

“I’m so old and irrelevant I’ve decided it’s best I take more of a producer role with Bad Education, but we’ve assembled a young, talented group of writers led by the brilliant Nathan Bryon who will be carrying the torch.”

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