Barack Obama offered cameo on ‘House Of Cards’

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings eyes impressive guest appearance from US President

Barack Obama has been offered a cameo on the hit political show House Of Cards.

As Deadline reports, a Netflix CEO Reed Hastings made a cheeky attempt to persuade Obama to star in the series after he was invited to discuss the government’s policies on healthcare and surveillance with the US President.

After Obama made a quip to Hastings asking whether he had brought an advanced copy of the second season of the show on DVD with him, the CEO fired back: “Are you willing to do a little cameo?” Obama responded by joking: “I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient” and expressing his admiration for Kevin Spacey’s US congressman character Frank Underworld.


House Of Cards has been a huge success for Netflix and in February of this year, they revealed that it was their most-watched show. They paid $100million for two seasons of the “home-grown” series, which stars Spacey’s Underworld character, a house whip who exacts revenge on those who betray him after he’s passed over in a promotion.

David Fincher, who directed The Social Network, is an executive producer and director on the series, which has been adapted from a previous BBC mini-series of the same name, based on a novel by Lord Dobbs.

A second season of House Of Cards is currently in development. The first 13-episode series is currently available via Netflix.


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