Bart Simpson graffiti appears after terminally ill man arrested for mooning

El Barto strikes again

A new piece of street art of Bart Simpson – believed to potentially be by Banksy – has appeared in Worcestershire.

The mural was spotted shortly after Darrell Meekcom, a terminally ill man from Kidderminster, was arrested after mooning a speed camera.

Meekcom had said earlier in the week it was on his bucket list, after being diagnosed with heart disease, Parkinson’s and kidney failure.


The 55-year-old had been wrestled to the ground by six police officers after flashing the cameras and being arrested for indecent exposure.

After spotting the new mural in a subway in Kidderminster, Meekcom took to Facebook to share his admiration, believing it to be the work of notorious street artist Banksy.

Meekcom told the BBC he receive anonymous messages from someone claiming they “represented an international street artist” wanting to create a piece based on his experience.

“Thanks Banksy!” he wrote on his social media page.

“It is fantastic.”It is so well thought out… it is basically descriptive, it is clever,” Meekcom later told the BBC, responding to the artwork.


In other Simpsons news, Waylon Smithers is set to find love with a new boyfriend in an upcoming episode of the show. 

The character, who previously came out on the show in the 2016 episode ‘Tom Collins’, will have a gay romance storyline in an upcoming episode set to air November 21.

A synopsis for the episode, titled ‘Portrait Of A Lackey On Fire’, reads: “Smithers finds true love with a famous fashion designer, but will his new relationship destroy Springfield?”