Batman TV spin-off series ‘Gotham’ is in the works

Series will focus on the early career of Gotham City's police chief Commissioner James Gordon

A TV series set in Batman’s fictional home Gotham City is now in the works.

The live-action series, titled Gotham, will focus on the early career of Commissioner James Gordon, the police chief known for being an ally of the caped crusader. Gordon was played in Christopher Nolan’s recent The Dark Knight trilogy by Gary Oldman.

In the planned TV series, Gordon is still a detective on the beat in Gotham City and has yet to meet Batman, who will not feature at all. However, Deadline reports that the series will include appearances from many of the city’s infamous villains.

The series is being steered by The Mentalist creator Bruno Heller and US network Fox has given it a series commitment – meaning episodes will be ordered if the scripts are up to scratch.

Commissioner James Gordon made his comic book debut in 1939 and was played in the classic 1960s Batman TV series by Neil Hamilton before Pat Hingle took on the role in three Batman films from 1989 to 1995 and Oldman brought him to life most recently.