BBC defends new logo despite minimal changes

"We are simply using our own font"

The BBC has defended their new logo, after a wave of backlash claimed it looks extremely similar to the previous one.

The new logo, revealed last week online but first launched on US streaming service BBC Select in February, features a smaller font and slightly larger gaps between each of the three grey blocks containing a letter of the broadcaster’s name.

In a statement obtained by Metro defending the design change, a BBC spokesperson said: “We are simply using our own font – which we own the intellectual rights to – to tidy up the blocks when we update content or BBC products.


“It would be wrong to suggest that the costs of the design of the blocks was significant.”

Many on Twitter explained that the new logo would allow the broadcaster to use their in-house typeface, BBC Reith, rather than Gill Sans which would require licensing fees.

However, some expressed concern with the new changes. One person tweeted: “The #BBC Logo change is an absolute joke & waste of License payers cash! ‘Cost not significant’ ?

“How many pensioners Licenses could have been paid for instead? Hang your heads in shame! A corppration [sic] run by out of touch fools, with no grip on reality!”


The new logo is set to debut on TV screens this autumn.

In other BBC news, BBC Four is set to be repositioned as an archive channel, with a minimal focus on new original content except for live performance broadcasts.

The move is part of a cost-cutting drive across the BBC, which the corporation set five years ago with a target saving of £800m a year by March 2022.

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