New BBC documentary reveals Donald Trump was a regular at New York’s Studio 54

You can listen to the programme tonight (April 18)

Donald Trump was a regular at New York’s infamous party spot Studio 54 in the 1970s, a new documentary is set to reveal tonight (April 18).

The club was a popular haunt for stars in the late 1970s and 1980s, with the likes of Michael Jackson, Andy Warhol, Cher, John Travolta, Madonna, Al Pacino and Grace Jones regularly making appearances at the club.

A new BBC Radio 4 programme will explore how President Trump ended up as a guest at the party spot.

A BBC summary reads: “Frances Stonor-Saunders explores how the young Donald Trump stormed into Manhattan from the outer boroughs in the late 1970s and headed straight for New York’s most outrageous nightclub.

“He didn’t dance, didn’t drink, and didn’t take drugs. So what was he doing in the cocaine-fuelled hothouse of the disco revolution?”

You can listen to the BBC Radio 4 programme from 8pm (BST) here.

Meanwhile, Run The Jewels‘ Killer Mike recently defended Kanye West‘s decision to meet with Trump after he won the US Presidential Election.

The Atlanta rapper and his Run The Jewels bandmate El-P have just wrapped up a short UK tour to promote their third project, ‘RTJ 3’. The duo took time out from their live commitments for a new interview with Channel 4 News.

Quizzed on West’s controversial meeting with the now-President back in December, Killer Mike found reason to be hopeful over the nature of the meeting.

“It didn’t bother me, why wouldn’t you [meet the President]?” he said. “Black people shouldn’t have permanent friends or enemies, they should have permanent interest. If it wasn’t for Dr. Martin Luther King being willing to meet with people like [Governor] George Wallace, Wallace would have not have ended up starting as a racist bigot and ending as a person who found God in some way, and appointed more blacks to his office than any other governor since.

“So I maintain hope that human beings can steer a change course, but a musician meeting a presidential candidate isn’t important to me, unlike [NFL player] Jim Brown. Brown, for the last 50 years, has fought against oppression of all people. Him sitting with President Trump was a significant thing for me, because I know on the other side of the table he was telling the truth.”

Run The Jewels will play at this year’s Glastonbury Festival – see the line-up so far here.