BBC renew ‘People Just Do Nothing’ and ‘Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe’

Charlie Brooker will also host 'Charlie Brooker's 2014 Wipe' in December

The BBC have confirmed that they have renewed both BBC Three sitcom People Just Do Nothing and BBC Two comedy Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe.

Brooker will return with a new six-part episode of his topical comedy show in January. Talking head characters Barry Shitpeas and Philomena Clunk are confirmed to return, as too will comedians Limmy and Jake Yapp. Additionally, an hour long look back over the year hosted by Brooker will also be screened next month (December).

There is not a confirmed airdate for Charlie Brooker’s 2014 Wipe though it is expected to be on BBC Two over the festive period.

Meanwhile, People Just Do Nothing will return for a second series in 2015. The first series of the show, set in Brentford based pirate radio station Kurupt FM , was on screens earlier this year having debuted on the BBC’s iPlayer.

The sitcom features characters including DJ Beats and MC Grindah, with the latter commenting on the second series renewal by saying: “Big up everyone for showing love. We have infiltrated the industry and now we’re gonna destroy it! …Well, not destroy it… make it better probably.”

Meanwhile, BBC commissioning editor Chris Sussman added: “I know for a fact it’s one of the Director General’s favourites. I once saw him in the lifts throwing his Ks up.”