BBC viewers hit out at ‘boring’ Benedict Cumberbatch drama ‘The Child In Time’

"What a crock of shit"

BBC viewers have hit out at new drama ‘The Child In Time’, describing the feature-length adaptation of Ian McEwan’s novel as ‘terrible’.

The one-off drama, which starred Benedict Cumberbatch, was slammed as “dire”, with some left ruing their choice to watch the 90-minute adaptation.

“Feel like I just wasted an hour and a half of my life watching a child in time, BBC what a crock of shit”, one viewer wrote.


Another said: “I couldn’t wait for ‘the child in time’ tonight and it was absolutely terrible. Storyline made no sense whatsoever – very disappointing.”

In the drama, Cumberbatch starred as writer Stephen, who is left searching for his young daughter after she disappears in a supermarket.

But despite the intrigue of the plot, many felt that it failed to sufficiently capture the drama and tension of the scenario.

“Actually thought A Child In Time would be gripping and emotionally hard to watch. Instead it’s seriously disappointing and very boring”, one detractor said.


Still, it wasn’t without its fans, with some hailing it as BAFTA worthy.

“BBC 1. The child in time. Superb! I have no tears left. BAFTA I would suggest!”, one fan wrote.

The drama marked Cumberbatch’s first return to BBC since last appearing in ‘Sherlock’.

Speaking recently, he revealed that he was open to the prospect of a female Sherlock, following in Jodie Whittaker’s footsteps after she became the first female lead on Doctor Who.