BBC’s Ben Brown slapped after pushing woman’s breast during live broadcast

The BBC’s Ben Brown endured an unfortunate mishap, when he appeared to accidentally push a woman away by the boob while live on air – resulting in him being slapped. Watch the incident below.

Brown was interviewing the BBC’s Assistant Political Editor Norman Smith from the launch of the Labour Manifesto in Bradford yesterday ahead of the upcoming general election, when a woman stepped into shot.

Approving of Corbyn’s manifesto, she gave a quick thumbs up and said “absolutely fantastic”. Then in an attempt to remove her from the scene, he said “yes just give us one second, alright” – before pushing her away by the breast. She then returned and slapped him on the shoulder. Check it out below.


Meanwhile, a new ‘#grime4corbyn‘ campaign was launched yesterday – aiming to “harness this energy to help elect a Labour Prime Minister who will reduce the voting age to 16, cancel exorbitant university tuition fees, cancel zero hours contracts, and through a new genuine living wage and building 500,000 council homes a year, give Britain’s young people the homes, jobs and education they need – for the many, not the few.”

Corbyn was also temporarily added to the line-up of grime collective Boy Better Know on their Facebook page.

With voter registration closing in just one week on  May 22, now over 475,000 18-24 year-olds have registered to vote.

The General Election 2017 will take place on June 8. Register to vote here.


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