‘Being Human’ creator Toby Whitehouse opens up about new ‘Dr Who’ companion

Writer says 'It's the best thing for the show'

Dr Who writer Toby Whitehouse has revealed his plans for the next Doctor’s companion.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter about his plans, Whitehouse said: “‘I know a bit about the new companion, [but] I don’t know who they cast. Even if I did, if I told you Steven Moffatt would come out here and punch me in the neck. Steven is one of the cleverest, most inventive people I’ve ever met in my life, and so you know it is in very safe hands with him. If he makes decisions, the chances are it’s for the best – it’s the best thing for the show.”

The Doctor’s current companion, Amy Pond, who is played by Karen Gillan, is set to leave at some point in the upcoming series. Gillan has previously revealed that she has been instrumental in deciding Pond’s fate.

Speaking to IGN about this, Gillan said: ”Steven Moffat comes up with endless, amazing ideas anyway, but I wanted to make sure that I went on a high. There’s just something quite nice and appealing about that to me. I don’t know- it just felt right! I like to go on instinct.’

Dr Who returns for its seventh series on BBC One this autumn.