Ben Lee and Josh Radnor from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ have formed a band

"We didn't have a sense of the gravity of the collaboration"

Australian singer Ben Lee and actor Josh Radnor from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ have come together for a musical collaboration. Check out an interview with the pair and recent single ‘Doorstep’ below.

After announcing a string of shows in Australia, this weekend saw the duo appear on ‘The Today Show’ down under to discuss their ‘weird experiment’.

“Ben and I became friends about 12-13 years ago,” said Radnor. “We actually met on the set of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. He came by because they were going to use [a song of his] on the show, and it didn’t end up happening but we just really connected.

“We stayed friends and we were friends for about a decade before we decided to write a song together. We’d been talking about it, and then two and a half years ago we decided to write a song together and it went really well. We decided to write another one, then we said ‘let’s make a record’, then before we knew it we’re here talking to you guys.”

Elaborating on their collaboration, Lee continued: “I wouldn’t say I was hesitant because we didn’t have a sense at the beginning of the gravity of the collaboration. It was just a fun, playful thing.

“It’s progressed very gradually with little shows, little tours, recording, and now it’s hit us like ‘woah, we’re in this intense collaboration’. It’s very intimate, it’s like a marriage and we had no idea what we were getting into – but it’s been amazing.”

Tour dates:

Radnor And Lee’s upcoming Australian tour dates are below:

Thursday 17 May — The Triffid, Brisbane
Saturday 19 May — Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne
Sunday 20 May — Metro Theatre, Sydney