Benedict Cumberbatch says no to ‘Doctor Who’

Actor has no intention of taking on the role of The Doctor

Benedict Cumberbatch has laid to rest any speculation that he may play the role of The Doctor in the hit BBC show, Doctor Who.

Appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show, the in-demand actor was asked if, when he said “he wouldn’t appear in ‘an’ episode” it meant he would appear in several. Cumberbatch answered:

No. David Tennant is a friend of mine and he said ‘Go up for my old job.’ I don’t think so. They’re huge shoes to fill and I think I’m more similar to David than I am to Matt [Smith].

Cumberbatch is currently filming the latest series of Sherlock for Doctor Who boss Stephen Moffat.

His working connection with Moffat has meant rumours in which Cumberbatch would play The Timelord after Matt Smith’s departure have abounded for some time.

In the interview on ITV, Cumberbatch explained that he likes “to keep his work on the set”, a reference to the huge amount of publicity work that taking on the role would require.

Cumberbatch‘s star has risen rapidly in the past few years. He is set to work with Peter Jackson on The Hobbit, has finished filming War Horse for Steven Spielberg and is part of an all-star cast in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, due for release in the UK this Friday (September 16).