‘Better Call Saul’ star Bob Odenkirk says cast members share a house on set

"It’s better than being alone out there"

Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk has said he and his fellow cast members share a house together while on set.

The actor, who plays Jimmy McGill in the Breaking Bad spin-off series, recently gave fans a sneak peek into the show on the podcast Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum.

Odenkirk explained that he lives with co-stars Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian and several other actors including Josh Faden when filming their scenes in Albuquerque, in a house bought by Odenkirk and his wife.


“It’s better than being alone out there,” Odenkirk said of the dynamic in the house. “I think we all feel that way. I think we’re pretty great at leaving each other alone, too.

“We’re not in every scene together, and I leave and I come home as much as possible.”

He added: “And you know, actually, I love getting home and somebody, Patrick especially, will make dinner for everybody. Or if you’re like, “I’m going hiking, let’s go, we’re going in the morning.”


Elsewhere, Better Call Saul was recently named one of Barack Obama’s favourite TV shows of 2020.


The former POTUS praised the show’s “great characters and examination of the dark side of the American dream.”

Other titles on his list include The Queen’s Gambit, The Good Lord Bird, I May Destroy YouThe Last DanceDevs, The Good Place, The Boys and Mrs. America.