Bill Bailey tour bus thief gets two years prison time

A repeat offender stole Bailey's bus and laptop in Liverpool in October

A thief who stole Bill Bailey’s tour bus from outside a Liverpool theatre – along with £2,400 in tour merchandise – has been sentenced to two years in prison, reports say.

The Guardian reports that before Bailey was due to perform at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool on October 26, 2015, Francis Whittaker took the keys from his dressing room alongside an Apple Laptop, and went on to steal Bailey’s leased Mercedes Sprinter van from outside the venue. The van contained Bailey’s tour merchandise.

Whittaker was caught in the crimes on nearby CCTV systems, and the van was later recovered from a Liverpool suburb, complete with false license plates. Whittaker has a criminal record that includes recent cases of car theft, as well as a history of 42 different convictions. He pled guilty to the theft, alongside another offence, and was sentenced for both in tandem.


At the time of the theft, Bailey was on his Limboland Tour.


Last month, Bailey talked music with NME.

Bailey outlines his musical origins in the video, including detailing the first album he bought, to sharing the story of his first musical performance with a £14.99 guitar from Woolworths. He also reveals his go-to Karaoke hit which he claims “you can’t go wrong with”, berates those who lie about the first music they ever heard and explains why he cannot listen to Amy Winehouse’s ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ anymore.

Bailey has perfect pitch, and has long used music in his comedy routines.