Billie Eilish to join Steve Carell, Ricky Gervais on new podcast about ‘The Office’

'The Oral History of the Office' drops on Spotify next week

Billie Eilish will taking part in a new podcast about The Office, entitled An Oral History of the Office.

The 12-part series will cover every aspect of the show chronologically, from its inception to various favourite storylines and moments from the show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the podcast will be hosted by actor Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin Malone in the US versiom. Baumgartner will then invite cast and crew members to join the discussion, including Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey and more.


Fischer and Kinsey currently host a rewatch podcast, Office Ladies, focusing on individual episodes for each instalment of the discussion.

Eilish, a self-confessed superfan of the show, will also be invited to take part on one of the episodes. “I just finished watching The Office for a 15th time two days ago,” the singer told Wilson on his SoulPancake Instagram account in May.

The first three episodes of An Oral History of the Office will be released on Tuesday July 14, exclusively on Spotify. Following the initial premiere, a new episode will be released each Tuesday.

Billie Eilish recently caused speculation when she unfollowed everyone on Instagram – having previously followed around 600 accounts.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Billie Eilish did a social media cleanse and unfollowed EVERYONE on Instagram,” adding that “apparently, earlier today she posted an Instagram story saying “dm me if I’m following your abuser” but deleted it 30 minutes later.”


Eilish has also recently signed an open later calling for police reform alongside Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lizzo and more.

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