Billie Piper says ‘I Hate Suzie’ season 2 writing begins this autumn

The first season aired last year

Billie Piper has said writing on I Hate Suzie season two will begin this autumn.

Piper, who created and starred in the hit Sky Atlantic drama, recently told NME of current plans to develop the second season about a singer-turned-actress whose private photos are leaked.

“When [Sky Atlantic] talked about a second series, I think we both cried,” Piper said of her reaction alongside her co-writer on the show, Lucy Prebble. “Not in an, ‘Oh, yay!’ way, but because we don’t know what it will be…I think it was quite overwhelming.”


Piper added that progress is now in motion, saying that she and Prebble now have “quite a good idea and we’re going to start writing it in the autumn”.

Describing the character of Suzie Pickles on the show, Piper said: “[I’m interested in] female-driven stories where the protagonist isn’t some shiny, empowered woman. She’s multi-faceted and some of it isn’t always easy. There isn’t always that likeability factor.”

Billie Piper

NME previously called I Hate Suzie one of the best shows of 2020. Nick Levine wrote in a four-star review: “It might be too spiky for some viewers, but those who invest will find I Hate Suzie is one of 2020’s most riveting new shows.”

Piper is also making her feature debut as a filmmaker with Rare Beasts, in which she also stars – out in UK cinemas tomorrow (May 21).

Describing the story of the film, Piper said: “The idea began with my late twenties, early thirties, being a really formative, quite terrifying time in my life. I remember feeling, culturally, we were being told as women that we can do everything successfully.


“And a lot of that messaging was coming from other women. I understand the intention, but I found it really unhelpful, because all I could actually see around me was a common crisis, women falling apart at this new age idea that we can do everything and it won’t cost you much. It’s the opposite. It costs you greatly.”