Black Friday’s weird Toblerone deal is a must for Neo Yokio fans

Ezra Koenig's animé series debuted on Netflix earlier this year

Since the release of Neo Yokio earlier in 2017, one significantly weird meme has emerged from the show created by Vampire Weekend‘s Ezra Koenig. In episode two of the series, protagonist Kaz Kaan (voiced by Jaden Smith) tries to convince a girl called Helena to go to a ball with him, by bringing her an enormous Toblerone. When she refuses, he says: “You don’t deserve this big Toblerone”, and goes to sit with the massive slab of chocolate on a park bench.

The moment became such a hit that Ezra Koenig and co. later created a meme generator where you could add your own message to the Toblerone. And thanks to Black Friday, if you want to give a Neo Yokio fan the ultimate Christmas gift, you can now buy that Toblerone for just £49.50 at Amazon – 33% off its RRP of £73.99.

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