‘Black Mirror’ creators reveal more about a “heart-rending” deleted scene from ‘San Junipero’

The scene was considered too upsetting for inclusion

Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones have revealed that they cut a scene from the popular ‘San Junipero’ episode because it was too “heart-rending”.

Speaking to Refinery29 ahead of the Season 5 premiere, Brooker and Jones spoke more about the deleted scene, revealing its inclusion would have “destabilised” the whole episode.

“I’d started writing a scene where you see Gugu’s character in a kindergarten, and they you realise afterwards that these are children who had died and been uploaded to this world.”


Brooker added: “In many ways it was a beautiful image, but it was so heart-rending, it destabilised everything else. So, sometimes we won’t put something in for that reason.”

Brooker also revealed to Digital Spy this week ‘Striking Vipers’ in the current season has a link to ‘San Junipero’, with Brooker saying that he jokingly refers to it as ‘Man Junipero.’

He added: “There are parallels – there’s two people who enter a fantasy environment and make a connection, and it’s Owen Harris [directing].”

Meanwhile, Brooker and Jones spoke to NME this week about the structure of the new season of Black Mirror, which is just three episodes long.

Speaking about the shortened structure, Brooker said: “Well actually, what happened in a way was twofold. One, we thought, ‘We’ve done that before – we’ve done three-episode seasons’. Originally, Bandersnatch was part of season five, and Striking Vipers, which is the first one in this season, was actually shot before Bandersnatch.


“Then it became it apparent that Bandersnatch was expanding to the point where it was like a whole season in itself. And then, because it was so unique, it made sense to put it out as a standalone thing and have the rest later.”

Brooker added: “Now, we could have made everyone wait until we had another three, but that would have felt a bit odd. And it felt like the episodes had a nice shape to them.”