Watch another new ‘Black Mirror’ season 4 trailer

"Memories can be subjective"

Another trailer for Black Mirror season 4 has emerged, this time for a second episode, titled ‘Crocodile’.

The teaser comes just two days after the series’ first episode, ‘Arkangel’, was revealed. That episode appears to depict a world in which people can age up to 2000 years and parents are injecting their children with strange technological augmentations that make them easier to control.

Contrastingly, ‘Crocodile’ appears to be set in a more real-world adjacent timeline, in which a mysterious organisation harnesses the ability to access other peoples’ memories. With allusions to a car crash and subsequent criminal investigation, the clip also sees one voice claim “memories can be subjective.”


Check out the trailer for Black Mirror season 4’s ‘Crocodile’ episode below.

The reveal’s proximity to ‘Arkangel”s reveal has also prompted some fans of the show to speculate that its fourth season may arrive on December 6.

“Ok, so it appears you’re promoting each episode over the span of 2 days,” wrote one Twitter user. “The first day you share the episode’s poster, the second day, the episode’s trailer. Does this mean we can expect you to give us a release date on December 6?”

Another fan retorted: “Knowing them they probably saw your tweet and [will]  change it up now.”

Netflix have not responded to the speculation – an official release date for Black Mirror season 4 is still unknown.


Meanwhile, the first volume of the novel adaptation of the acclaimed dystopian series will be published in February 2018.

Charlie Brooker has selected the first three novelists who will contribute to the inaugural volume of the Black Mirror book, which is due for publication next year.

Speaking about the new episodes earlier this year, Charlie Brooker said: “When writing [the episodes] I never think any of these things are going to come true, and then it seems like some of them do, which is a bit worrisome, generally.

“For this coming season they’re quite far out there so I don’t envisage that being a problem. Although if that does happen the world is really fucked… well, the world is really fucked, so we’ll see.”