Black Mirror star Cristin Milioti praises ‘USS Callister’ ending

Spoilers ahead...

Cristin Milioti, who stars in the first episode of Black Mirror’s fourth series, has praised the ending of ‘U.S.S Callister’ and the show’s use of strong female leads.

Episode one sees Nanette Cole – played by Milioti – trapped inside a spaceship simulation along with co-workers, who are being controlled by their boss Robert Daly (Jesse Plemons). It is later discovered that the crew members are digital copies of their real-life selves, which co-exist in the real world.

After plotting their escape, we see Cole take charge and end up in the captain’s chair during the episode’s finale – which Miloti has now hailed “the coolest fucking thing” she’s ever filmed.


Black Mirror, USS Callister, Season Four

“I had three takes for that shot, we had a really tight schedule,” the actress told The Hollywood Reporter of the iconic closing moment.

“I won’t say what was running through my head — there was plenty! — but I will say that it was the coolest fucking thing that I’ve ever gotten to shoot. My 12-year-old self was just flipping out: To sit in a captain’s chair in a spaceship and say ‘I got this’ is crazy!

“That’s not who we see in the chair growing up as a girl, which is why Wonder Woman resonates.”

Speaking of the new series’ use of strong female protagonists, Milioti said it is rare for women to be offered such roles.


“I get to play this woman who is not fixated by who she’s dating or whose love interest she is,” she said. “To play that is, regrettably, so extremely rare, but it is getting so much better. It’s incredible, it felt like flying.” 

Season four of Black Mirror launched on Netflix earlier  this week (December 29), and Charlie Brooker’s show marked the occasion with an ironic and pretty ominous ‘Happy New Year’ message.

The new series features six episodes, including one directed by Jodie Foster.

Discussing how the Hollywood icon came to work on the show, Charlie Brooker told NME recently: “Well, she’s done shows for Netflix before – Orange Is The New BlackHouse Of Cards, things like that. So, Netflix passed her the script, which she liked, and then we had a Skype chat, which is quite a moment, isn’t it? A Skype chat with Jodie Foster.”