‘Black Mirror’: Will Poulter details “time travel” idea for ‘Bandersnatch’ sequel

Could one be on the cards?

Will Poulter has proposed an idea for a potential Black Mirror: Bandersnatch sequel.

The actor, 27, was speaking to NME about his new interactive video game The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, when he put forward a time-travel idea for another Bandersnatch installment should creators Annabel Jones and Charlie Brooker release one.

“I would love to reprise my character,” Poulter said, addressing his role as video game creator Colin Ritman in the groundbreaking 2018 choose-your-own-adventure drama.


“[Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones and I] were discussing how much people engage with Easter eggs, and how the different episodes might be linked in some way. We did suggest that Colin might have the ability to time travel…”

“I would love it if [Colin] showed up in full-on, ’80s regalia,” Poulter added. “But he was, in fact, in the present day, or somewhere in the future. That would be really fun.”

‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ is streaming now on Netflix. Credit: Netflix

In Bandersnatch, viewers could decide the fate of some of the stories characters by selecting different options interactively. “Some people killed me, some people kept me alive, some people killed me then brought me back to life, and some of those people are my family members,” Poulter said.

He added that the interactive entertainment world could be applied to films, too. “The Revenant could be interesting to remake with a choose-your-own-adventure style narrative attached,” he said. “That could be really fun, because that was full of choices and survival. I think it would work quite well.”


NME’s Olly Richards reviewed the Black Mirror special in 2018, writing: “Charlie Brooker’s series is about the many ways technology can make our lives a misery. It’s not really a TV show or movie. It’s sort of a video game. It’s a book without any pages. It’s a really good way to give yourself a migraine trying to get your head around what exactly is happening.”

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