BLACKPINK’s Jisoo talks about love in new ‘Snowdrop’ teaser

The highly anticipated drama premieres next month

A brand new teaser for Snowdropan upcoming romance drama starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, has been released.

The minute-long clip focuses on Young-ro (played by Jisoo) recording a confessional on a cassette player. “I used to wonder what people meant when they talked about ‘falling in love at first sight’. But the moment I saw him, I knew right away,” she says while covering herself with a quilt, as translated by Soompi.

“Our hands only brushed for a moment, but my heart thudded in my chest. Could this be what they call first love?” Scenes of Young-ro and her love interest, Su-ho (played by Jung Hae-in), are interspersed as her recording continues. The teaser ends on a tense note with Su-ho stopping the recording, as he looks at the cassette with shock and fear.


Watch the Snowdrop teaser trailer here.

Snowdrop is set in 1987, a pivotal year in the country’s history that saw a nationwide mass movement that forced the ruling government to hold elections. Su-ho is a graduate student with a secret past, while Young-ro is a university student who lives in an all-female dormitory. The two cross paths when the former seeks refuge in a female dormitory after a protest at the Hosoo Women’s University.

Snowdrop is slated to premiere on December 18 at 10:30pm KST on JTBC. The series will also be available to stream exclusively on Disney+ as part of the platform’s forthcoming expansion into Asia-Pacific content.

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