The rest of Blazin Squad surprise Marcel on Love Island reunion show

Marcel Somerville has recently left Love Island but his reality stardom doesn’t end there. During the reunion show, Marcel was surprised by some of his Blazin Squad bandmates.

As Marcel joined Caroline Flack on the sofa, the presenter brought on four of his bandmates to perform their 2003 hit ‘Flip Reverse’. However, including Marcel, there are eleven members of Blazin Squad.

We can’t say where the rest were but the group have revealed that Blazin Squad are set to reunite but maybe not all 10; “a good chunk” of the members have been confirmed.


Blazin Squad reunite (sort of)

Speaking to NME about the Soundtrack To His Life, Marcel revealed that “Crossroads” by Blazin’ Squad was his go-to karaoke song. “Whenever I’m anywhere that does karaoke, everyone is like “Marc, do it, do it!” – so it ends up happening. I always try to do like ABBA or Bon Jovi, but everyone always makes me do ‘Crossroads’”

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Marcel spent much of his time in the Love Island villa mentioning Blazin’ Squad at every opportunity – it’s worked, though, with the band’s Spotify streams soaring by 2500% since the series started.

Blazin’ Squad’s initial career spanned form 2001-2004 – they released two albums in that time, ‘In The Beginning’ and ‘Now Or Never’.


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