‘Blue Peter”s Millennium Time Capsule dug up and smashed by builders

The capsule wasn't meant to be opened until 2050

The Millennium Time Capsule buried by Blue Peter in 1998 has been dug up and accidentally destroyed by builders in London.

The BBC’s flagship children’s programme planted the capsule on the ground where the Millennium Dome – now the site of The O2 – was being built in Greenwich, south-east London. The capsule was one of many that the programme have buried over the years, with the Millennium Capsule – as then-presenter Katy Hill claimed – apparently “hidden very safely underneath one of Britain’s newest landmarks, the Millennium Dome” – not to be opened until 2050.

However, the Millennium Time Capsule has now been uncovered 33 years too early by builders laying cables on the site of the Dome. Upon discovering the capsule 15ft underground, the workers proceeded to smash it open, reportedly hoping to find treasure – only to find the contents the Blue Peter presenters had put in there to represent the 1990s.

The contents of the capsule included a Tamagotchi, Tellytubbies dolls, a photo of the late Princess Diana, and a Blue Peter badge. The O2 have confirmed that while the capsule itself was damaged, the contents were unharmed. The BBC have said that the capsule will be reburied.


Last month, ex-Blue Peter presenter Richard Bacon managed to get his fans and followers to vote for him as the UK’s favourite ever Blue Peter presenter in a Radio Times poll. Bacon was sacked from the show in 1998 after tabloid reports of drug use.