‘Blue Planet II’ viewers left shocked after heartbreaking ocean scene

They're vowing to cut down on their plastic use...

Blue Planet viewers have vowed to cut down on their plastic use after a heartbreaking scene Showed the devastating effect it can have on the natural world.

In last night’s episode, a pilot whale was seen carrying her dead newborn calf around the ocean, seemingly reluctant to let it go after it was poisoned by pollution in the oceans.

As he narrated the tragic scene, Sir David Attenborough explained the possibility of the calf being poisoned by contaminated milk from its own mother.


“Today in the Atlantic waters they have to share the ocean with plastic. A mother is holding her newborn young – it’s dead”, Attenborough explained.

“Pilot whales have big brains, they can certainly experience emotions. Judging from the behaviour of the adults, the loss of the infant has affected the entire family.”

He added: “Unless the flow of plastics and industrial pollution into the ocean is reduced, marine life will be poisoned by them for many centuries to come. The creatures that live in the big blue are perhaps more remote than any other animal but not remote enough to escape the affects of what we are doing to their world.”

The heartbreaking scene was enough to convince some viewers that it was time to cut down on our plastic use.



“Just seeing all the plastic in the ocean on Blue Planet 2 just breaks my heart! And seeing that mother whale pull her baby along! Just awful! And some people say animals don’t have feelings!! So sad! #BluePlanet2”, one viewer wrote.

Another said: “That baby whale and it’s mum are too much I’m never buying plastic again.”

But despite the seemingly grim outlook, happier news came after the show aired – with Blue Planet’s Twitter account confirming that a 40 percent decrease in plastic bags on UK beaches has been noted since the 5p charge was introduced in 2016.

Blue Planet II returns next Sunday.