Watch the first trailer for ‘BoJack Horseman’ season 4

The first trailer for the season four return of Netflix’s ‘BoJack Horseman’ has been revealed. Check it out below.

Picking up where the last season left off, the trailer shows Dianne in search of the former TV turned movie star, as she plays catch-up by discussing how Mr Peanut is running for Governor, Todd remains off the rails, and someone who appears to be BoJack’s estranged child arrives on the scene.

Season four of ‘BoJack Horseman’, starring Will Arnett and Aaron Paul, will premiere to Netflix on September 8.

Speaking to NME last year, Arnett said of the show’s focus on mental health issues: “Fame and Hollywood are just an efficient vessel in which to deliver this message on depression, because that’s an exaggerated lifestyle – a heightened reality – and you can really put a fine point on it. A lot of people that end up going into this business are very broken and looking for validation; it’s funny that they’re ultimately searching for it from millions of people they don’t know.”

He added: “Life happens in these frantic, whirlwind-y episodes – a lot of things happen at once and then you’re left in the wake of all that. You’re just trying to make sense of what just happened. That happens a lot in BoJack, and that happens to me. I find myself very affected by it.”