‘BoJack Horseman’ season 4 premiere date revealed

Will Arnett reveals news in tweet

BoJack Horseman will return in September, according to a tweet from lead star Will Arnett.

Arnett plays the titular role in the Netflix animated comedy, which first aired in 2014. The show follows the trials and tribulations of a former sitcom star (who happens to be a talking horse). It also stars Alison Brie and Amy Sedaris.

Earlier today (July 10), Arnett took to Twitter to share an image that teased that season 4 will return with new episodes on September 8. See that tweet below.

Speaking to NME last year, Arnett said of the show’s focus on mental health issues: “Fame and Hollywood are just an efficient vessel in which to deliver this message on depression, because that’s an exaggerated lifestyle – a heightened reality – and you can really put a fine point on it. A lot of people that end up going into this business are very broken and looking for validation; it’s funny that they’re ultimately searching for it from millions of people they don’t know.”

He added: ““Life happens in these frantic, whirlwind-y episodes – a lot of things happen at once and then you’re left in the wake of all that. You’re just trying to make sense of what just happened. That happens a lot in BoJack, and that happens to me. I find myself very affected by it.”