‘Boy Meets World’ star apologises for racist joke calling colleague “Aunt Jemima”

The actress who played Angela said a male colleague made the comment on set

Trina McGee, the actress who portrayed Angela Moore in ’90s US sitcom Boy Meets World, has revealed a male colleague apologised recently for a racist joke made years ago.

In January, McGee posted a series of Tweets in which she claimed she was “called aunt Jemima on set during hair and make up.” Additionally, she alleged she was labelled a “bitter bitch” in response to her waiting quietly for a scene to wrap rehearsing.


This week the actress, 50, said during an Instagram Live broadcast that the unnamed male colleague who perpetrated the slur had apologised for the comment. According to McGee [via Buzzfeed] the co-star told her the inappropriate comment was a teachable moment and has since changed his life. McGee concluded in the livestream that she really loves her castmates, “even without getting some of the love back.”

McGee also said in the Instagram Live that she was “PMsing” when she Tweeted back in January and that she “didn’t know” if she would classify her experience as racism today.

Elsewhere in her revelations shared earlier this year, McGee said a colleague once said “I don’t want anyone in my scene that is female or around me” while filming Boy Meets World.

In 2015 McGee reprised her role as Angela, Topanga’s best friend and Shawn’s love interest in Boy Meets World, in one episode for the sequel series Girl Meets World.