‘Breaking Bad’ star Dean Norris tweeted “sex gifs” – and fans are very confused

"That's not the search box"

Dean Norris, the actor who played Hank Schrader in Breaking Bad, has caused a minor frenzy amongst fans of the show after tweeting simply: “sex gifs”.

The tweet in question was posted on Wednesday (May 23) and still hasn’t been deleted:

While some fans are confused about the entire thing, the most commonly held theory is that Norris was intending to search for “sex gifs”, not tweet the phrase.

Others are puzzled by the silence from Norris since:

The whole saga has resulted in some pretty responses from fans, though:

Breaking Bad ran for five seasons from 2008 to 2013 and recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

In 2016, Breaking Bad actor RJ Mitte has told NME he’d be interested in resuming his role as Walter White Jr if the show was ever to return.

Mitte said: “If the scripts were right and the money was right, why not? What’s the worst that could happen?”

Mitte admitted he was concerned at spoiling the impact of the series’ ending. He said: “We were lucky that we got to have a proper ending, and maybe we should keep it that way. Bringing Walt Jr back is an idea that’s beyond my control, but if they wanted to bring it back, why not? I don’t mind either way, as I’m working on so much right now, and that plays more on my mind.”

But Mitte did give his views on what his character would be up to now. He said: “I think Walt Jr would be in a very bad place right now. With all that happened to his father, he’d be having a hard time. I think it would be a hard world for his whole family.”