‘Breaking Bad’ tribute mural appears in Manchester

Graffiti portrait shows the face and trademark pork pie hat of Bryan Cranston's Heisenberg

An eye-catching Breaking Bad tribute mural appeared in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on Sunday (August 18).

The graffiti portrait shows the face and trademark pork pie hat of Heisenberg aka Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston. It appears on a wall in Tib Street owned by Manchester public art champions the Out House Project and was created by French-born graffiti artist Akse P19, whose handiwork has since been posted on Twitter by several impressed passers-by.

Explaining the genesis of his artwork, Akse P19 told Mancunian Matters: “I started a personal project [called] ‘Psychopaths Project’ and I thought Heisenberg would be a good one to paint. I also read an article last year about a crystal meth lab that was found in the Northern Quarter off Tib Street in 2011. So I thought that I had to paint Heisenberg around there but could not find any legal walls.”

“Three weeks ago,” the artist continued, “people from the Out House Project contacted me for two new walls to feature on Tib Street! That was it, after nearly a year waiting to paint Heisenberg I finally got the perfect spot.”

Breaking Bad returned to record ratings in the US on August 11 and the hit drugs drama now has just six episodes to go until it reaches its conclusion. UK viewers are able to watch on Netflix, where each episode is being made available immediately after it finishes in the US.

The very last episode is scheduled to air on September 27 and Bryan Cranston’s co-star Aaron Paul has promised “a violent sprint to the finish”.