You can now buy Walter White’s underwear from ‘Breaking Bad’

The starting price is $1,250

The Breaking Bad underwear worn by Walter White is now up for auction.

The pair of cotton white briefs that White, played by Cranston, wears in the desert while cooking crystal meth, is listed for sale on Propstore Auction.

The listing, which went live today (February 13) will keep the underwear up for auction until February 28 as part of the Los Angeles Online Entertainment Memorabilia Auction.


Other items in the auction include Johnny Depp’s cowboy boots from 21 Jump Street, a light-up helmet from Alien, as well as multiple costume and prop items from Better Call Saul.

“This is a set decoration “closet” pair of White’s underwear. The cotton and polyester briefs (size 40 inches) features a white elastic waistband with blue and goldenrod details, though the elasticity is largely lost,” reads the listing for White’s briefs.

The starting price is $1,250 (£1,036.20), with the estimate currently sitting between $2,500 (£2,072.39) and $5,000 ($4,144.79).

Netflix Breaking Bad
‘Breaking Bad’. CREDIT: Alamy

Meanwhile, a university professor in real-life was recently accused of selling crystal meth in a Breaking Bad-style business.

Sergey Macheret used to teach at the Purdue School of Aeronautics and Astronautics in West Lafayette, Indiana, before being arrested on February 1.


The 65-year-old teacher was arrested after a number of complaints were made to the police in Lafayette, with multiple women claiming that he approached them.

The teacher, who is an expert in plasma science, is expected to be charged with dealing methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine, and making an unlawful proposition.

Macheret’s case has been likened to the hit AMC drama Breaking Bad, in which Bryan Cranston starred as Walter White, a university professor who makes and sells crystal meth in order to pay for his cancer treatment and support his family. The series also starred Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, a delinquent student of Walter’s who becomes his business partner.

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