Brian Blessed says he ‘bit off’ a woman’s umbilical cord while delivering a baby in Richmond Park in 1963

Veteran actor recalls his brief career as a midwife on ITV's 'This Morning'

Brian Blessed has confirmed the rumour that he once helped to deliver a baby in Richmond Park.

Appearing on This Morning earlier today, the veteran actor recalled: “I was running one day across the park and there was a woman under a tree having a baby… I used to help deliver babies as a kid when I was seven years of age in Yorkshire. I was a coleminer’s son, you know, and there was only one doctor so we used to help everyone have babies.”

Blessed then explained how he encouraged the woman to give birth to her baby, saying: “I got her legs wide open and said, ‘Push, push, push! Come on darling!’ And eventually I got the head out, and then I got the body out, then I bit off the placenta and tied it into a knot…’

Asked to clarify whether he meant that he actually “bit off” the woman’s umbilical cord, Blessed replied: “That’s right. Then I tied it in a knot. Then I took my shirt off and put the baby in my shirt. And then I pressed her tummy to get rid of all the clots.”

Blessed then told hosts Ruth Langford and Rylan Clark that half an hour later, an ambulance came to take the woman and her baby to hospital, and he has yet to hear from them since. “I don’t know who [the woman] is,” the actor admitted.

Watch Blessed recall his brief career as a midwife on This Morning below.