‘Broad City’ star Ilana Glazer says reunion could happen after “enough time”

The show has been off screens since 2019

Broad City star Ilana Glazer has discussed a potential reunion for the show, saying it could happen after “enough time” has passed.

The acclaimed Comedy Central show, created by Glazer and Abbi Jacobson began life as a web series before being developed for TV. It aired its fifth and final season in 2019.

In an interview with Consequence about her upcoming Apple TV+ series The Afterparty, Glazer was asked what she would need in order


“Just tons and tons of money,” she joked. “And I’m talking liquid, I want cash in suitcases.”

In a more serious tone, Glazer added: “I think enough time has to go by for Abby and I to be satiated outside of Broad City, because that journey was ten years long and so defining for us.

“I started that project when I was 22 and I still look 22, so I just want to give it enough time where if there’s a reunion, it really feels like a reunion. It’s just hard to tell right now.”

In a joint statement upon the announcement of the show ending in 2018, Glazer and Jacobson said: “Broad City has been our baby and first love for almost 10 years, since we started as a web series. It’s been a phenomenal experience, and we’ve put ourselves into it completely. Broad City‘s always had a spontaneous pace and feeling, and ending after season five honours that spirit.


“We are very excited to bring new voices and points of view to Comedy Central and continue our collaboration together in new ways.” The fifth and final season will air in early 2019.