Bryan Cranston wants to return as Breaking Bad’s Walter White: “I’d do it in a second”

"We’ll see what happens"

Bryan Cranston has said he’d jump at the chance to reprise his role as Breaking Bad‘s Walter White.

The actor, who is promoting his new film The One and Only Ivan on Disney+, said in a new interview that he would be willing to portray drug kingpin Walter White in Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad‘s Emmy award-winning prequel spin-off series, which nears its final season.

“I would be in [Better Call Saul] if Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, who are co-executive producers on it, wanted me to be in it,” Cranston told Collider. “I’d do it in a second. But it hasn’t happened yet, I can tell you, and we’ll see. I don’t know. There’s one more season to go and we’ll see what happens!”


He added that he’s been asked to helm episodes of Better Call Saul ever since its launch in 2015. “I’ve been asked to direct an episode every single season and it just didn’t work out because of a commitment to doing a play or doing a movie or something, so I wasn’t able to section out the times available,” he said. “But I do love the show. I think it’s a fantastic show.”

Bryan Cranston as Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad’

Gilligan previously told the publication that he and Gould want to have Cranston in the director’s chair. “I’d love to have Bryan direct an episode. I got to write an episode [of Breaking Bad] that Bryan directed and I was on set with him every day, and it was a wonderful experience. He’s a magnificent director. He’s one of the few directors who has a facility for the lightest comedy and the darkest drama. He’s remarkable.

The sixth and final season of Better Call Saul started filming in February this year but has since delayed production due to COVID-19.

In other news, Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito will host a new digital docu-series based on the hit series, titled The Broken and the Bad.


Esposito played the antagonistic Gus Fring, the boss of a fried chicken empire and crystal meth kingpin, in Breaking Bad from 2009 to 2011, and continues to reprise his role in Better Call Saul.

According to a press release, The Broken and the Bad will be “inspired by the most memorable characters, situations and themes of the Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad universe” and will focus on “the real-world stories that mirror the fictional world of both shows.”

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