Bryan Cranston is writing a ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ reboot

"I would love to know what the family’s up to," said Frankie Muniz

Malcolm In The Middle star Bryan Cranston might reportedly be writing a reboot.

Frankie Muniz, who played the titular character as a child actor across the 151 episodes spanning seven seasons, recently shared his enthusiasm for a reboot.

“When I was filming the show, I obviously was a kid,” Muniz began, in an interview with Fox News Digital.


“We did seven seasons, 151 episodes. I didn’t really watch the show when it was on, but I’ve now since watched the show with my wife. We [watched] all 151 episodes… I realised, ‘Wow, that’s what we were making.’… I can separate myself from being on it and watching it as a fan.”

Frankie Muniz

Regarding a potential reboot, Muniz added: “I would love to know what the family’s up to. I know Bryan Cranston is really into the idea and he’s kind of heading writing the script and getting everything rolling. So, there might be something. I would be down 100 percent. But I don’t know – we’ll see what happens.”

Cranston played Malcolm’s father, Hal, in the series, alongside Jane Kaczmarek as Malcolm’s mother, Lois.

Last year, Cranston revealed that he almost turned down his role in Breaking Bad due to commitments with Malcolm In The Middle.

“[In 2006] Fox said, ‘Keep the sets up. We might do an eighth season of Malcolm In The Middle‘,” Cranston said. “And everyone was like, ‘Yeahhh that’d be great.’


“In late April and early May, they called, when the upfronts are going on, they said, ‘Nope, we had a very good pilot season. Thank you guys, you did well. You’re on your own.’ So we thought, ‘Ahh, that’s too bad.’

“Later that month, I get the call to go see a guy called Vince Gilligan. ‘Do you remember him from X-Files?’ ‘Kinda.’ ‘He wants to see you about a new project called Breaking Bad.’

He added: “I read it and I thought, ‘Oh my god this is amazing.’ I met with him. He said, ‘I want to turn Mr. Chips into Scarface and I think you’re the guy to do it.’ We shot the [Breaking Bad] pilot in February and March of 2007.

“So had we got that eighth season of Malcolm In The Middle, I would not have been available to shoot that pilot and someone else would be talking to you.

“It is absolutely my belief, I dogmatically believe this, that a career in our business cannot be fully realised without a healthy dose of luck sprinkled throughout.”

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