Bundesliga recreates Mitchell and Webb’s football sketch

The German football league quotes the 2008 sketch for upcoming matches

The Bundesliga has brilliantly re-hashed Mitchell and Webb’s football sketch for its own football fixtures.

The German football league’s social media team took to Twitter today (January 25) to recreate the skit with German teams. The original version sees David Mitchell pose as a manic football presenter who implores viewers to tune into various English match broadcasts.


Some of the highlights of the Bundesliga’s take on the sketch include, “Also coming up Saturday, the giants of Bremen play host to the titans of Frankfurt …making them both seem normal sized.”

Another comment reads: “Then on Sunday, LIVE, the battle for the South as FC Bayern meet Stuttgart, in a match already being described as ‘on this Sunday.'”

Fans of That Mitchell and Webb Look, the comedy show that aired the skit in 2008, and football lovers alike shared their reaction to Bundesliga’s lighthearted preview.

One user, Kevin Hatchard, wrote, “Whoever did that deserves a raise”, while another suggested that Mitchell and Webb character Sir Digby Chicken Ceaser should commentate Bundesliga matches.

David Mitchell and Robert Webb reunited for a new comedy series in 2017, Back, which was their first joint project since Peep Show finished in 2015.


The Channel 4 sitcom follows Stephen (Mitchell) who takes over the management of his dead father’s pub. Webb plays Andrew, a former foster child of Stephen’s parents, whom Stephen is at constant loggerheads with.

A second series was confirmed in November 2017 but a run date has not been announced.


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