Carole Baskin closes tiger sanctuary to public over poison fears

"There were so many threats after 'Tiger King'"

Tiger King star Carole Baskin has closed her animal sanctuary out of fear that people will poison the tigers.

The Big Cat Rescue owner explained to Metro why she was planning on keeping her sanctuary shut in the foreseeable future, despite her recent fame from the Netflix series.

Listing the reasons of her privacy and caution for the sanctuary, Baskin said: “One is obviously the pandemic, which is such an issue because the way our tours are is it’s 20 people that have to stay very close to the tour guide.


“So the tour guide is telling them about the stories of the cats and you can’t have 20 people crammed together.”

She then explained that she had received threats since the airing of the show, and so wishes to protect the tigers.

Carole Baskin Tiger King
Carole Baskin in ‘Tiger King’. CREDIT: Netflix

“But the other was there were so many threats right after Tiger King of people saying they wanted to kill the cats,” Baskin explained.

“For them to say they wanted to kill me or kill my family, that’s one thing. But for them to say they wanted to come onto the property and kill the cats that’s something that a person actually could do.”

She added: “They could bring poison in meat and just toss it and somebody wouldn’t see that if they weren’t watching every single person on the tour.”


Baskin then explained that she has installed almost 50 webcams in order to increase surveillance measures.

“We’ve contracted to put in 46 more live webcams,’ she enthused,” she said. “We already have over a dozen, and that way you can just tune in anytime and see your favourite cat on TV. I think that’ll be more virtual ways of bringing people into the lives of the cats.”

Elsewhere, Baskin recently said she is “so sick” of talking about Tiger King.