Carole Baskin still fears for her life despite Joe Exotic incarceration

"I feel safer from Joe but I don’t feel safe in general"

Carole Baskin has said she still fears for her life despite Joe Exotic remaining in prison.

The Tiger King star and Big Cat Rescue founder spoke to Metro following the news that Exotic had not been pardoned by Donald Trump while he was president.

“It’s such an absolute sense of relief because it’s not just been waiting yesterday and today, it’s been from the day he was sentenced that we have been concerned that he could receive a presidential pardon,” Baskin said


“I think, what you think about you bring about, so I’ve tried very hard not to think about him getting a pardon and yet every five minutes someone from the media is like, ‘what do you think about him getting a pardon?’

“It makes it really, really difficult so I’m glad it’s finally come to an end.”

On her feelings in the aftermath and moving forward, Carole Baskin said: “I feel safer from Joe but I don’t feel safe in general though. He can still finish what he set out to do and he’s got less of a reason not to do it now he’s already in jail.”

She added: “He was the easiest target for law enforcement to go after.

“The people who want me dead in this industry are still out there and are so much smarter than Joe was and so much more dangerous that there is never going to be a feeling of being safe until this entire industry is completely done.”


Elsewhere, Joe Exotic’s legal team had reportedly booked a stretch limousine to collect him from prison, as they were so confident he would receive a pardon.

In a tweet written for Exotic by his team, he said: “I was too innocent and too GAY to deserve a Pardon from Trump.”