Carole Baskin thought she was being “kidnapped” by fans asking for selfies

"Being in a state of fight or flight is just a part of my life now"

Tiger King star Carole Baskin has revealed she thought she was being “kidnapped” by fans asking for selfies.

The Big Cat Rescue CEO told Metro in a new interview that she’s adopted a “fight or flight” mentality following the attention she received for appearing in Netflix docuseries Tiger King.

“Being in a state of fight or flight kind of mode all the time is just a part of my life now,” Baskin said. “But the other day I was riding my bike home and a black SUV ran me off the road. Suddenly, everybody opens the doors and jumps out of the car and starts running toward me.


She continued: “I’m thinking I’m being kidnapped but they just wanted selfies. That’s how it goes now.”

Reflecting on the attention she’s received over the last year, Carole Baskin went on to say: “The reason that none of this gets me down is my belief that is matter how horrible things may be, they’re always working out for the best. I think everything has a silver lining if we just look for it.”

In other Tiger King news, Louis Theroux recently announced he will be returning to America to make a new feature-length documentary about Joe Exotic.

The pair originally met 10 years ago when Theroux was making America’s Most Dangerous Pets, and Theroux will now return to Oklahoma to explore what happened in the intervening years.

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