Zach Braff shares photo from ‘Scrubs’ reunion at TV festival

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The creator of Scrubs was forced to deny rumours that the show could return once more, after the cast members reunited for a one-off appearance yesterday.

Zach Braff, who portrayed JD in the medical sitcom, announced the reunion on Twitter by posting a promotional image of the Sacred Heart gang. See the photo below.

Braff joined his former castmates Sarah Chalke (Elliot), Donald Faison (Turk), John C McGinley (Dr Cox), Judy Reyes (Carla), and Neil Flynn (The Janitor) at the Vulture Fest event in Los Angeles.


However, it seems like there won’t be a small screen return for the show anytime soon.

“I would do anything to get to work with not only this group [but the entire crew]… it was the best time in my life. ‘[But] sometimes reboots — not all the time — feel like a money grab”, said writer Bill Lawrence at the event.

Lawrence added: “If we ever do it, we’ll do it as a short little movie or something else. I think the problem from me is I would just want to see where everyone is. I would want to see where their marriages are [as opposed to a huge event].”

Last year, a mini-reunion took place when Braff was pictured with Chalke and Scott Foley (Sean).


Scrubs' Janitor

Scrubs ran for nine seasons from 2001-2010. Earlier this year, the cast teased that the show could return in the form of a one-off TV feature-length.

“I don’t think we’d do a traditional TV show thing, but I think [the cast] daydream about the idea of doing, like, a TV movie,” Braff said.

“That’s something that feels more realistic. Because everyone is so all over the place… I don’t think we’d want to do a revival of the show, but I think what’s more realistic and feasible would be to do sort of a – like Psych did a two-hour movie.”

He added: “I think that would be something we could all do. I mean, I would.”

Sarah Chalke was also keen on the idea, saying: “Would I do a Scrubs reunion movie? Hell yes, I would!”




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