Cast of ‘Scrubs’ tease possibility of movie return

Is the Sacred Heart Hospital reopening for business?

The cast of ‘Scrubs’ have teased that the hugely popular show could return in the form of a one-off TV movie.

Despite ending in 2009, creator Zach Braff has admitted that the whole cast of the hugely popular medical comedy would be up for a one-off return.

“”I don’t think we’d do a traditional TV show thing, but I think we daydream about the idea of doing, like, a TV movie,” Braff told TV Guide.


“That’s something that feels more realistic. Because everyone is so all over the place… I don’t think we’d want to do a revival of the show, but I think what’s more realistic and feasible would be to do sort of a – like Psych did a two-hour movie.”

He added: “I think that would be something we could all do. I mean, I would.”

Canadian actress Sarah Chalke, who played Dr Elliot Read, was equally effusive about a potential return to Scrubs.

“Would I do a Scrubs reunion movie? Hell yes, I would!”, she revealed.

“It was such a great job. We all still hang out and I would love it.”


Although not a full revival, Zach Braff revived the role of Scrubs character JD to recite the ending of a script written entirely by a computer in December 2017.

The script was posted on Twitter by Botnik Studios, who said that it had been made by a computer after it “trained predictive keyboards on Scrubs scripts”.

The tweet described the script as “the exact average episode of Scrubs“.


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